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Best tips for finicky gills

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2.5mm Fiskas jig w/ Little Atom Micro Noodle plastic tail is my go-to for neutral gills

small dark colored jigs 3mm works for me with a contraband small waxy plastic. best luck ive had is black brown or purple

I'll go the other way.  sometimes smaller works,  sometimes bare hooks and a 1/4" piece of crawler works.  but a lot of the time i go UP in size.  slap a 5mm jig,  maybe a jigging spoon or a small jigging rap.   

Usually when they aren't biting I switch to a small brown VMC Tungsten Fly.  So, I suppose I'd agree with those saying smaller and darker.

dead sticking small 12-14 horizotal jig with gulp or one live spike or sometime's i use a dropper rig, the flash from the spoon brings them in and then they hit the tiny jig or hook hanging down below.


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