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Best tips for finicky gills

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Just got an underwater camera and was watching how many gills come up and check out my jig and swim away. Amy tips for when they just don't want to bite?

A smaller and darker offering often works. They'll use their mouth to test/taste things even when not in a feeding mood since they don't have hands. Watch fish in an aquarium and all the CRAP they'll suck in and spit out. Many small real food tidbits are tiny and dark that we don't use as bait yet they'll feed on them

There are times when a small trout plastic worm rigged like a wacky worm rig for bass fishing works better than a plastic rigged on a jig.  I've done well with a #8 hook but will switch to a #10 if need be.

A dead stick often catches gills for me mid day when the bite is off. Sometimes jigging isn't what they want. I like a Schooley rod with a piece of busted rod or dowel through the handle. Otherwise it becomes a gone rig.

Thanks for the replies tried some smaller jigs this weekend has some better luck. The lake I fish is loaded with perch 6-8 inches with a few big ones mixed in here in there. The perch eat almost anything thrown at them and are more aggressive than the gills. Never seem to find the bluegills by themselves


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