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I was wondering of some good spoons for bluegill and what you tip the spoons with if you tip them.

My favorite spoon for bluegill is a 1/16th ounce slender spoon.

I've always done well with the smallest size frostee spoon or demon spoon. I tip with a wax worm or a couple spikes. Always done well on the bigger bluegills with that but also catch a lot of crappies and perch on that setup too.

Smallest Demon jigging spoon, with the hook changed out to a #14 VMC treble. 3-6 spikes on it. Of course I target crappie with it, but the bigger bluegills have no problem hitting it. Clown color is the one you want. Avoid the shiner and blue colors, have never done any good on those. Have had many, many, 100+ crappie days with the clown jigging spoon. Last year there was a week straight where I was limiting (if I was keeping them) on 8-9" bluegills and 10-12" crappies on the clown while everyone around me was catching 5 or 6 fish a day on traditional jigs.

Thanks for the input, I'll have to get these lures and try them.  :) :) :)


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