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Looking for a new gill rod. I want something with a light enough tip I don't need to use a spring bobber, around 22", and I plan on putting a straight line spooler reel on it. Would like the price up to $30... Any recommendations???

Check out the Flat Line rod from Sportsman's Direct.  I've got one in 24" mated with an Eagle Claw inline reel.  Love it and hate it.  Love fishing it but hate that it has completely ruined my taste for spinning reels when ice fishing.

Ht pro blue for a cheap, Thorne bros for the best. No spring needed

I bought a HT UL tight line combo in 24" at Meijers for like $35. I'm very happy with the sensitivity thus far and the drag on the reel doesn't feel bad either. No need for a spring bobber, the tip is plenty sensitive enough. 

My new go-to gill rod is from Cabela's.  I wanted something longer that I could use outside the shanty without a spring bobber.  Bought it for $19 at one of their stores.  The tip is soft enough to signal light bites, but there is enough backbone to land the cats that seem to find my jig.  The cork handle is a nice size too.  I have the 28" UL model, but I note that it comes in a 24" UL.  Will likely try and buy a second one at the end of the season sale.


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