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any late pike being caught


anyone catching any late pike at places like chauncy or anything

Lots of them in Maine, you want to read somthing good, go over to the Maine Forum and read the Pike thread....voice your opinion....

I have had very slow pike fishing for this time of year. The last 7 trips I have taken only produced one decent fish a 31 incher out of Buel. My only other pike was a 26 inch out of the oxbow. It has been my worst March I can remember. Hopefully things will pick up this coming week.

Ice fished a ct river cove in mass on Friday... going for perch,, etc,prob last time with rain tommorw... off to the berks forever i suppose... ended up getting a pike on... 8lb test with a #6 hook.  Lost him near the hole 1st time, dropped a new minnow down,, dum fish came back in a coulple,, got him up,, measured 28" but pretty fat... i noticed they dont fight 2 much if you bring them in real slow,, kinda like they dont know they are caught. :-\


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