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Has anyone been on Comet in the last 24 to 48hrs. Would like to know before waisting a trip up, what shape the ice is in. Anyone been on Fort Pond also?

I went there yesterday and fished about 4 hours ice still 8-9 inches thick in places no flags nor any fish jigged up on my way out an old man told me he caught a 14 incher near the beach more than likely  a stockie

Thanks for the reply Andy.

i also am looking to go to comet, how is the shore?? easy to get on the ice??  hows the beach?? the boatramp??   anyone get them trout yet!??  -moose 

actually it's really easy to get on the ice and it seems like the outside of the lake is holding well get there early because it has been really crowded maybe not as much with the snow tonight into tom. but i might head out there myself again tom. well good luck hope you catch a trophy


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