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any body fish up there yet this year would like to know ice cond fish being caught etc

My buds and I have about 7 full days there in the last 3 weeks. there is about 8-10 inches of ice where we are fishing. The lake is starting to open up where the flows are. We are fishing big bait looking for pike and getting very few flags and no fish.

never heard of it, probaby because no one can say it :D  :D  ;)2

I have fished it a few times this year. I also have been fishing big bait. I have caught a few sublegal pike and one sublegal tiger, but that has been it. I did weigh a tiger for another angler that was just short of 12 pounds. If you go use caution as this body of water can have a lot of thin areas especially at this time of year. With some common sense we should be ice fishing until the 1st of April or possibly longer in the Berkshires.

Suckerbait, Did he put the tiger back? What end are you fishing? We have been in the SS beach area with no luck. We might move to flint pond this weekend. You are very right about being carefull out there. Places out there are opening up fast.


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