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Awesome Glow Ice Plastics!

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Reel Good Guide:
This is Nick Olson of
We are proud to represent the full lineup of JandS Custom Plastics this season.  JandS is a new company that is already making a lot of early noise in the Panfishing community.  For those of you that don't know, they offer 5 completely unique shapes(creatures) in 13 colors (4 of which are in awesome glow). 
JandS Plastics are being featured in the newly released In-fisherman Ice Preview Issue!  Reel Good Guide Store will be representing a full JandS display at the upcoming St. Paul Ice Show the 1st week of December!
We encourage and invite you to visit our website to see the JandS Plastic Lineup!

welcome to IS, Looks like a pretty nice assortment of plastics. I bought a WBBF off you this summer, was very happy with the customer service and the shipping into Canada. Always happy to see more great sponsors

Reel Good Guide: is glad to be on Iceshanty!  We want to offer a short term promotion.  We have a few left over promotional packs of Magnums from last year in our old packaging.  For a couple of days we will offer two free packs of Ice Mite Magnums to anyone who purchases 5 packs or more of our plastics.  The colors remaining are Red, Black, Grey with Black fleck, chartr, and a couple of pinks.  You may email us of your preference, but it doesn't guarantee your colors as I'm sure they will go fast. 
Once again, that's two free packs of Magnums with the purchase of 5 packs of our plastics from the website

Ordered some to test. Well made, nice glowing properties and very quick delivery............ju st add ice, eventually ;D


Just got my freebies you sent out! Thanks again for the generous offer and support of IS!!! I really like the looks of these things.... will be placing an order in a few minutes  ;D

Thanks again!



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