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What is a keeper Bluegill for you?




depends on the body of water and how in the mood I am in for a fry. The lake I frequent most often has a decent average size of about 7 1/2" so I am a bit picky there, but other water bodies where there are millions of 6"er's I will take them also. If i can get a fillet off of them chances are it is a keeper. There is a small pond near me that I catch whopper gills in but it is small so I am very selective there I even throw back some of the real big ones 10"+ not sure if it makes sense but it seems to me there have got tot be some good genes for those fish to get that big, also it is only a 30 acre pond and the fish seem hungry.

It's 8" for me.  I've never caught anything over 9".  Bluegill isn't my specialty, but when I run into a good school, I don't hesitate trying to catch them.

I set an 8" limit.  I kept some 7" one time and they were a pain to fillet.  I really like them over 9", those are the best.


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