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MacDonald Lake near Gulliver.

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Big Icehole:

most of my family lives within a couple miles of the lake and we have a camp down there. If you find 10 foot thats the deepest hole in the lake. It used to be deeper but its a different person that controls the dam and they keep the water level lower. Haven't heard of a great bite yet

Big Icehole:
Thanks for the reply!! I love to hear about McDonald lake, it brings back tons of good memories of my childhood! Are there still jumbo perch in there? I live a bit south of Chicago and think of bringing my family on vacation there one day. Are there any resorts left on the lake. We used to stay at Breezy Beach resort. The guy who owned it owned the Owl gas station in Gulliver. This is going back to the late 70's/early 80's. I thinks his name was Tom Peters. I think there was a resort towards the outlet of the lake called Jones'. Thanks much for the update!!

Jones is long gone. Breezy Beach was owned by Frank Peters years ago but he has passed. Dom't think there are any resorts left on McDonald Lake. I think Old Deerfield on Gulliver Lake is going to reopon though.

Big Icehole:
I kinda thought all the resorts were gone. I think the last time my parents went up, maybe in '87, they stayed on Indian lake?, because all were gone on mc donald.


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