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The first week of August my wife, daughter and son in law are coming to stay near Munising area for a week. We have never been there before but we plan on doing all the touristy stuff like see the painted rocks, kayak, hit a few breweries and see some waterfalls and lighthouses. I have always heard its beautiful there so we decided to take a trip there. I have a couple questions for the locals. Would it be worth bringing some fishing equipment with me? Are there places to fish besides Lake Superior? Are there charters boats available for fishing Superior? Also what are some of the better breweries and sightseeing things to see? Thanks and appreciate any and all information.

I am not from there and have only been to the UP once, on a vacation in summer 2018. I did not try to do any fishing. highlights of my trip are as follows:

1.) going across the " Mighty Mac " coming in from the LP and then returning on it later in the week. One of the world's great bridges.

2.) Primitive camping on Grand Island. We reserved it for 2 nights but got poured on with a big thunderstorm the first night, so we decided to just enjoy swimming and kayaking the next day and not stay the 2nd night. The island would have been great to explore further if we had the time.

3.) The swimming around Grand Island was absolutely perfect. Refreshing, gin clear water like I have never seen in any big lake in NY before, and not the bone chilling cold water of the main lake. I'd say the water temp. was 67 F that July.

4.)  6 hour kayak trip departing from Grand Island - kayaks rented from the campground office.

5.) Spent a day driving east from Munising om Highway 58 and stopped frequently to see Munising Falls, Miner's Castle, 12 mile beach, Grand Marais and then all the way to Whitefish point to visit the Shipwreck museum.

If you get near Manistique, stop at Palms Book state park. Kitch-iti-kipi, (Big  Spring) is there.  It is worth the stop. One of the prettiest sights in Michigan.

Kitch iti kipi, oswalds bear ranch, the soo locks, lots of falls to hike too, also get a UV light a scour the beaches of superior for yooper lights, they are rocks that glow under uv light, also go looking for the elusive michigan moose, these are the things we did when we went 2 years ago

Gentlemen, thank you for your responses!


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