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Any fishable ice in Baraga?

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A couple of tents off the head of the bay too

How's the bay looking? People fishing off L'anse? Planning on heading up tomorrow.

Thin enough to spud yet or should I plan on hauling out the auger?


A good amount of shacks off of lanse and baraga yesterday. Lanse side only had one shack off of the falls river. I've been told the pump house is the spot to go. I have also been told any where from 5 to 8 1/2 inches of ice out of the pump house also.

There was a fair amount of shacks at the head of the bay when I went to work but only one out there after work.

The baraga marina looked like a hot spot also alot of shack off of the end of the point .

Squaw Beach has been dead Noone has gone off of there. I did notice a couple pressure cracks up that way so that is possible why it isn't being used yet..

And last but not least  ive heard no one has gone off of the gig yet this year I know it didn't freeze for a couple days later after the lower bay area.

Great, thanks for the report!

I'm out from the Falls River now, slow so far!

Have about 8 inches of ice in the shanty. It's real slick in spots, ate it a couple of times.

Looks like almost everyone is farther north, can't quite tell where everyone is but I count 75 shacks north of me on the L'anse side and maybe 55 off the point on the Baraga side.

Couple shacks are pretty far out there and I'm seeing various machines on the ice.


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