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Joe in T.C.:
A fun way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers

What you will need:
About 2 cups of pulled turkey
About 2 cups of mashed potatoes
About 2 cups of stuffing or dressing
About 2 cups of gravy
Several dollops of sour cream   
Several 8 tortillas _ although corn tortillas are more traditional we prefer flour tortillas
16 oz shredded Monetary Jack cheese
Greased 9x13 pan
350ﹾ preheated oven

Line bottom of greased 13"x 9" pan with mashed potatoes

Spread around a dollop of sour cream to tortillas.

Add some turkey and stuffing then roll

Add Rolled tortillas to the pan

Cover tortillas with gravy

Top that with the shredded Monetary Jack cheese

Bake at 350ﹾ for about an hour or until hot and bubbly

Let rest for about 10 minutes and serve


Those look AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing!


--- Quote from: vinella on Sep 25, 2021, 05:38 PM ---Those look AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing!

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Those look pretty darn good.  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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