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Joe in T.C.:
This dessert sandwich is a big hit with the family!

What you will need:

About a ˝ pound Chocolate cheese from Wilson’s Cheese Shopee in Pinconning Mi.
(8) slices of cinnamon swirl bread.
Raspberry cream cheese sauce for dipping.

Heat your carbon steel or nonstick pan over medium heat.

Slice cheese about 1/16” to a 1/8” thick.

Butter bread on outsides of sandwich.

Place bread in pan butter side down, add cheese slices until covered with a single layer.

Add the other slice of buttered bread.

Grill until golden brown
Flip and grill the other side until done.

Split and serve with raspberry cream cheese sauce for dipping or drizzling.


Wilson’s Cheese Shoppe in Pinconning Mi. is the oldest cheese shop in Michigan.
Very unique with a friendly staff.
Worth the trip when you are in the area. 

If this was posted by anyone else, I would probably not even give it a 2nd. thought, (Chocolate Cheese ?) but given your solid reputation for sharing some really good recipes I might try this one. Headed over that way in a couple of weeks & will be going right by Wilson's, looks like I'm gonna have to stop.  Thanks again Joe.

 When you(or anyone else) tries this post up your review....

I'll try it, just have to order the cheese first


I just sent the pictures and recipe to my daughter if she is intrigued by it maybe she'll make it for a desert type thing at the Labor day cookout this weekend!!!

smitty :tipup:


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