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Ice fishing trash, litter.

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--- Quote from: Extcat on Apr 02, 2021, 08:57 PM ---I have not seen much this year, not everyone’s bad!

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You are right, there certainly are a lot of very good sports people, conscientious and go the extra mile to pick up after others. It's the picking up after others that shouldn't exist. Thanks to all who help keep it clean.

Your story brings me back to one of my own.  I'd like to share.  About forty years ago my Dad and I were skipping church so that we could get onto some early spring crappie and bluegills.  We drove to Beadle Bay Marina, on Sand Point which sticks out into Saginaw Bay, to fish off the docks.  As we entered the property I noticed that someone's newspaper had gotten away from them and was pinned up against the fence that ran down the property line.  I told Dad to stop and I grabbed the trash bag, we always took out with us, got out and started picking up the paper and some other trash that had accumulated throughout the winter.  As I was about 3/4 of the way down the fence I noticed a very nice car pull to a stop and the man driving called me over.  I stopped what I was doing and walked over to the car.  The older gentleman said, I want to thank you for picking up all that trash, I told my wife, who was sitting next to him, that we had to add cleaning it up to the list of things to do this week.  He then asked her to get one of his business cards from the glove compartment.  He asked my name and started writing.  When he was done he handed it to me.  I began reading.  My name was listed first and these words followed;  "has my permission to fish Beadle Bay Marina and all connecting waters whenever he wants!"  It was signed George Beadle.  I politely thanked him and told him that I had to get back to work, at which he stated, My wife and I have been cleaning up trash around the marina for quite a few years.  I appreciate seeing someone else helping out.  He and his wife then drove off.  After a twenty minute detour, Dad and I caught a very nice bucket of fish.  The following Saturday we returned and was surprised to see a sign about 8ft long and 4ft wide which read, "Beadle Bay Marina and its connecting waters are now closed to public fishing".  I was devastated until my Dad says.  George gave you that card for a reason.  We promptly headed for the docks.  Within the first year of getting my personal "you get to fish card", I was approached numerous times by someone wanting to kick us out.  I would proudly flash the "card" and continue to fish.  And, after all these years it still happens on occasion, usually by the "newest" marina worker!  George has been gone about 25 years now and my Dad 10, but I still fish there and make it a point to go right around Easter, every year.  And yes, the card I received on that Sunday morning, many years ago, is still honored!  I made it a point to show the card to both of my kids while teaching them to respect other peoples property and to respect the great outdoors.  After all, the outdoors belongs to all of us and it is "OUR" responsibility to make sure we leave it better then it was, before our footprint was born!  As for that sign George installed long ago, it gets a fresh coat of paint every few years.  As for the "card", it remains one of my most honored possessions!

Yoopr sadly the subject of trash seems to be mentioned here on ice Shanty yearly. Like others i always try to have a trash bag with me when on a fishing trip and send some time picking up any thing i see left by others. Thank you to everyone else who deos the same thing also a belated welcome to Ice Shanty.

 Snitch#8 great story.


Yeah its trash ever year but now its evolved into masks and gloves laying on or by the lakes and rivers.

That is a really great story. Thanks for sharing that.


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