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Lost my rod case - The Pines Gas Station - Keweenaw Bay


My rod case fell out of my sled today 3-6-2021.   

I was coming off the ice to the access road just north of the Pines. -

I think it fell out right by parking lot but not sure.

If you found it, I sure would appreciate a phone call - 281-6160.

Thank you.

Check Facebook.  I saw an ad on their yesterday in which someone said they found a rod case in the exact area you lost yours.  Didn't pay too much attention to the add other than to read it.  If you haven't found your stuff yet, might be worth trying to find the facebook post.

The UP is full of great people. 

I got a text from a great guy this morning and was able to pick my rod case.

I dropped off some home-made maple syrup as a thank you.

Thanks for the heads up mjbuck.

Glad it worked out for you


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