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See some ice in the head of K bay and up a ways on Huron on MODIS imagery today. Did most of that happen just last night or the last couple of nights? Anyone fishing yet? Hopefully it sticks around through the warm up this week so it can build with the cold weather coming next weekend. I'm itchin' for the big lake, eh

Mainly happen over night on kbay yesterday there was open water and chunk ice when I drove by at around noon. Someone did say there was a guy out there today but I didn't drive that way today so Idk.

I'm hoping it sticks around for a little bit I would love to hit the big water.

The ice in Huron has been there for a while. I went to skanee a few weeks ago and there was ice all the way up to mouth of the Ravine where it transitioned to open water.
Iíve been addicted looking at the satellite imagery to try and see how Kbay is doing. Iím praying to get a decent season this year.

Thanks for the info! I'll be hoping that that ice sticks around, too.
I live far enough away that it's not worth it for me to drive up there and have a look myself, so I've been watching the imagery, too.  With the blanket of clouds we're always under it's hard to get a good peek! So I appreciate the info from you guys with actual eyes on it.
I did notice the ice at the base of Huron a while ago, but looks like it just recently moved up. I've only ever fished that off of the Skanee public launch, which probably isn't ready yet?

It may be, Iíve talked to a fair amount of people on kbay and there were mixed ice reports from 1.5-4Ē depends on where youíre at. Be careful out there guys and get some fish!


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