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What about HULBERT Lake


We are going to Hulbert Feb 13th - 28th. Just wondering should I bring Fishing gear along with the Sleds? Thanks


I just posted to your other query.  From what I understand, Hulbert Lake is now accessible to the public (private all way around) so the fishing has got to be good.  This is the first year for this.  A work colleague has caught some nice size perch on that lake already (don't know where/what depth or what he was using).

Have fun!

Thanks Whitefish......any other suggestion for when we get up there. Sure would like to get a tight line don't you know! :]

My only other suggestion would be to stay away from some of the spots around Sault Ste Marie.  Munuscong Lake, normally a hotspot for eyes, has been VERY slow.  A recent derby there had record numbers of anglers (very nice weekend), but only a few wallys and perch caught, and most were small.

Otherwise, you seem to be in the right spot.  Look West, young man.  Luce County, Schoolcraft County have some small lakes that look to be excellent fishing opportunities.  Pretty Lakes Quiet area has lots of lakes - you may be fishing on a walleye lake and in close proximity to that lake, you may have a good perch/pike lake, as well as a good inland trout lake (rainbow, splake, brookies).  I have lake maps of the lakes in the Eastern U.P. with regular summer access.  But I won't be able to tell you specific reports on the lakes.

Good place to start:  call Curtis Fish and Hunt Shop - (877) 586-9531.  Website: http://www.fishandhuntshop.com/.  Otherwise, try the bait shops in and around Newberry on this website: http://www.chicagofishinglinks.com/michiganbaitshops.htm.  If you get some hits on a hot lake, let me know and I can scan a lake map or two and send it to you.  Good luck!


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