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Teal Lake here I come


Just hoping anyone could give me any ice conditions and tips on fishing Teal Lake. Been hearing good things about the perch there. mostly fish for the perch but will take any info for the other species. I'm getting really giddy on getting out of the rat race here. lol  lodging,parking by lake, good locations on lake and how deep to fish would be very helpful.

  Teal lake is locked up well by now. Reports are of 7-9" across the lake. There are some football sized perch in there, and a few decent 'eyes, but it's a rough lake to fish. The perch are VERY cautious, and finnicky biters. The water is super clear, and I think that's part of it. If your going to spend $$ on a trip and lodging, there are many other lakes that would serve you better- paying a guide to go out on Bay De Noc is well worth it, and you stand a good chance of getting a wall mounter and a few eater walleyes. Otherwise, Greenwood Res. is a decent spot for crappie, pike, and walleye action, and easily accessable. If your determined to go to Teal, fish either on the right shore (you'll see all the shanties), or on the far back of the lake where the big rock wall is. You NEED a vex in that lake. Shrimpos and Ratsos tipped with live bait seems to work OK.

Thanks Kit&git very helpful info. Took the wife up to Higgins last year and had a couple good runs with the perch, ever since then shes hooked. (no pun intended) Just looking forward to explore the rest of the state for the jumbos, and I here you have some hefty ones up there. have the vex and some other toys to play with for that lake. I think I'm also going to take your advise on the BDN guided trip with the kids. If you have any other info on other lakes up there please do. 


No worries. Lake Independance is also famous for it's slob Perch, but it's another lake that you really need a guide on the first time out. Its big water, so you never really know where to fish.


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