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Look, the yoopers have their own section! Thanks Scott! Any yoopers alive on the board yet, are or you all in the woods still? I gave up on deer- what a crappy season. Looking forward to ice though!

Chris Raymond:
K&G--I just got back to checking this site after the summer break and a move to Hancock in July.  Used to live in Traverse City when I was posting last winter.   

Sweet! Good to have another yooper on the board! You should check out upwoodsnwater.com. It's pretty dead this time of year with everyone hunting whitetails, but it will be picking up shortly.

Captain Ron Brooks:
Its great to know there are other yoopers on the board....Happy Holidays!!!

Count another Yooper in here. Live down by Wallace but fish quite a bit farther up. I'm around and will post what I can.


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