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In please
In please
In please
Love these, in!
Morning crew. Here we gooooooooo ice nuts!

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Stay ICE COLD and Good Luck!

General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: The New 9:45 Thread..
« Last post by IFF on Today at 08:23 AM »
Good morning.  Steve, Jeff to answer about the hunting/harvesting with the bow, I will set up a ground blind near where the trail cam see the deer traveling to and from the yard, but still need to make a quick trip to the farm to get the bow and proper cold weather clothing to be setting in the blind. One hang up is the delay in delivery of ordered Christmas presents to this address.  Not going to hold my breath that anything Will deliver today.   Got a notice 1 of 2 will arrive Friday.

At the farm Linda, was concerned that the low temperature overnight could freeze the water lines like it did last year. I don’t think 16* would do that if she had the water “dripping “.  Now for my morning coffee 😃
Ice Fishing Pennsylvania / Re: Gloves
« Last post by hardwater diehard on Today at 08:20 AM »
I have used cheap Dollar Tree fleece gloves ...stuff pairs of them every where ...pockets...knapsack etc  change up if needed. I also deploy a USB rechargeable hand warmer that hangs from my bibs zipper and into my bibs . When traveling via ATV/UTV I would suggest a chopper mitt..Gord Phyzer use to recommend tennis wrist bands and disposable hand warmers . I have yet to land on a five finger glove that would suit my needs . But a good insulated shelter and a heater is a great investment.
I’ve got spikes from them with good results.
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