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Playing with some resin and UV glow
Ice Fishing New Hampshire / Re: Shiner trapping
« Last post by rmoody79 on Dec 04, 2023, 08:42 PM »
Maine is the only New England state that Anderson says they won’t ship to, probably bc Maine treats brook trout like sacred cows and consider a 4in shiner invasive
Ice Fishing Pennsylvania / Re: Gloves
« Last post by FreshwaterPhil on Dec 04, 2023, 08:39 PM »
Funny enough, I was just shopping for a new parka, and found these waterproof ice gloves on clearance. Cost me $6. They arrived today, I ran them under cold water from sink for a while, they are definitely waterproof and sort of warm too. Should do for those =20 wind chill outings...

Some good dudes on here, especially when it’s for the kids
Ice Fishing Minnesota / Re: Cold Temps.
« Last post by thomasthepikehunter on Dec 04, 2023, 08:38 PM »
Yeah I was seeing up to 4" in pockets from people online , that'll be gone by end of week. 2 days with lows above freezing is going to make whatever is left unsafe again.

Maybe by new years...

Man, just get in and drive 50 miles out, and ice fishing is already started. I just checked with two people west of the metro, and both found fishable ice. It isn't going anywhere either, it will be there this weekend.
Nothing today. My season officially started yesterday. Its looking like it may be a really bad year for bait, even compared to recent years which have all been bad for bait. Local store didn't even have wax worms! That's a first for me. Zero suckers or bigger chubs, just crappie minnows, and not a ton of them. So that's my mission for this weekend, find some bait. Artificials only get you so far, and frozen smelt aren't quite the same as a live one.
Ice Fishing Saskatchewan / Re: Sunset Surprise
« Last post by ToonFisher on Dec 04, 2023, 08:19 PM »
Rare catch! Good job.
Ice Fishing Pennsylvania / Re: Gloves
« Last post by Spider1 on Dec 04, 2023, 08:09 PM »
oh yeah... I believe you both!  ::) ;D
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: The New 9:45 Thread..
« Last post by hunts2long on Dec 04, 2023, 08:08 PM »
You know it's a good one when you have to get out the tractor for it

The side by side was blocked in the barn, but when you are "old" you improvise...h2l
Ice Fishing British Columbia / Re: Diesel heaters
« Last post by ianwuzhere on Dec 04, 2023, 07:57 PM »
I recently used it for 10 hours straight on one tank of diesel and the 12v deep cycle battery, lasted from 9pm to 7am and still running good on setting #4 fan speed of #6 being the highest. kept the trailer decently warm even tho it was only like -5c. Checked the deep cycle and was at 12.4v so i was surprised as it was charged at 12.7 earlier. Still using pvc piping for the plumbing.
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