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WEll i thought i would target ya becasue you seem to have the best results...What i would like is a typical day of LING fishing for you. If you could take a day and fish for ling and Chart the results. Time of hits sizes and when you stopped. This way i can see how many you get compared to what your doing..what baits ect to see what im doing wrong..If this is at possible.Thanks. Tight lines all.

sounds like your doing everything right.  try a new spot,  I don't chum beforehand, but it would work especialy for a lake.  It took me a year of targeting burbot to actually catch one, but after i did i practically get them every time. dusk-11,  bounce the bottom, tip the lure with bait,  find some structure like a rise in the bottom where they are likely to feed. If you haven't done that don't move just yet.

Nope done it all...But i don't know if i should use a different spot yet. Im baiting the next time alot. Like maybe 4 pounds of dead carcasses then il hit them the next nite. LAst time i tried them we had 3 people. 6 lines total. Glow jigs minnows alive ...minoows dead. SOme bouncing furiosuly other slow lift jigging. I think it might have been location on this one. Not alot of cover where we were so maybe they didnt come by that way?? Ill try over by more rocks and stuff this bottom was a little sandy. See its not a very big lake at all so i sort of figured we might have had a nice chance. I also had set 2 of my lines near a rock face just to see if it was location but they wernt as close so i couldnt check as regualarly and they wern't jigeed just topped with dead minnows. Im going to get some glow jigs like you haVE AND TRY  the big jigs. When your jigging for them are you fast jigging then sit for a few secs? or like like just jig...jig...jig....? Just curious. Thanks alot jake this will help me out.TIght lines you LINGmaster you.

i'd almost try another lake,  we've caught all ours on mostly sandy/silty bottoms, in some lakes they actually make burrows.  you might try a rocky spot, but i don't think weed cover will be as productive, i could be wrong though.  I'd try another lake...where are you located...Also i do the best in rivers, thats where i target them mainly.  So if you have a frozen river with them in it, give it a try, but be careful on the river ice.

fishermanjake   you're the man!! dont tell germ all your secrets  ;D ;D i've never seen them caught in weeds. they are predominantly bottom feeding on gravel, silt and sandy bottoms. they do and will eat alot of walleye and perch when available. what's your best night so far this season??? grumpymoe  >:( >:(


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