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what kind of spoons do you guys use??

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I use Spike's or Waxies.  I also like to use a sweedish pimple with a hali chain.  We used a Hali jig with the chain on it and they wouldnt hit it you had to have the pimple with the Hali chain.

Custom jigs and spins stinger is perhaps the best small spoon for ice fishing. They are thin, almost like a teardrop, and have a great fluttering action. Tipped with a waxy or a maggot, they are deadly for panfish, and all finicky larger predators like bass, walleye, and trout.
The smallest swedish pimple, the 1/10 ouncer, is about an inch long and works great tipped with bait for any panfish.


You can also try the Kastmaster,  you can get these in pretty small sizes.

1/10th ounce Swedish pimple....tipped with spikes

i've had great success with the kastmaster


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