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Hi guys as you know we have had them darn warm tempatures here lately. What I want to know the lakes I fish had some skim ice on it but now with all this snow we are about to get today. Will the ice freeze real good and be safe with the snow sitting on top of it. If you have any warning signs on this subject please relay them to all of us. Thanks.

Iceman Cometh:
went out early this morning to check the thickness(at yates city-25 miles nw of peoria) and freaked out!-even the small farm ponds I fish(3-5ft deep) were wide open-went home bummed! Oh well, only gotta work two nights this week-hopefully be thursday-i'll post a report then.

KT, it won't be a long wait now.  The river even has skim ice over the back waters this morning.  Everyone is walking around grumping about the weather and a few of us are excited that it is 1 degree.  Isn't life great?


Iceman Cometh:
Finally-POP-finally, Going out this morning -took 2 days off from work just because of the ice -now I just hope it's thick enough! I'll give ya a report here!

I am waiting for Saturday.  If we have good ice then, I am taking a few days off.  Last year it was the end of the second week of January before we had safe ice.

I was in Peoria Saturday and Gander Mnt. is now, according to my wife,  on my $100 store list.  I can't turn around in the parking lot without it costing at least a hundred dollars.  You were right about Galyan's, a real let down.



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