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trip to wisconsin?


a friend and i are thinking of going up to wisco sometime in the next two weeks.  probably just for a weekend.  anyone have any advice on where to go that isnt too far from chicago?  maybe even northern illinois if there is safe ice.  there would need to be some kind of cheap lodging near by as well.  let me know if you have any advice.

thanks, wendall

Wendall, if the lakes in Madison have safe ice they can be nice.  There are some nice bluegill, on the weed lines, in University Bay.  There is a bait shop in Madison, I think it is D&S Bait or something like that, they offer a ride out and back for $10.00.  I think the go to the Island area, about a 2 - 3 mile trip.  Round trips are run several times during the day and they do a good job of putting you on fish.  There are several value motels in the area, you might want to do a search on the net to find one.  I have always had a great time and it isn't an arm and a leg to do it.


thanks pop,
it looks like it will be another month before i get to go up there.  by then i should have safe ice around me.  who knows what will happen.  thanks for the info though.


hi go to
& click on fishing reports  its about 5 hours on highway 51
bye for now

Steve  8)
ps wish i was going


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