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well anyone been out?


yesterday i was workin outta round lake beach and drove passed deep lake in the morning all iced over but a decent size hole of open water in the middle got my hopes up.....well anyways after work took the same way home... sure enuff' shanty and 1 guy out there...anyone been scouting any lakes????? i'll be out there first thing in the morning lookin for safe ice anyone that has info report it please.....thanks

   I know of no safe ice in northern Illinois.  By safe ice I mean 4 - 6", not the 1.5 inches that some guys are willing to fish on.  As soon as  the backwaters of the chain have at least 5"  I will be out there.  Hopefully this will be withing 2 weeks.  I will be checking Blackwell on Sat.        DaFish


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