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Burbot veiwing


anyone try using an aqua-vu on burbot before? and did your lights spook them?

hey jake i have used aqua-vu before and other underwater cameras with lights not specifically for burbot but i have seen them on it,they dont seem spoked at all they are quite curoise towards the camera itself they are even know to attack the camera at times. The one i saw came right up to the camera and then backed off but wasnt spoky at all.

thanks king, i'll be less aprehensive to keep it on.  Do you think those lights could blind them?  because we did notice a difference in action.

i dont think the lights can, maybe iritate them.

Have seen them at low light with a few of them strolling around but not able to catch them in a mass spawning. I do notice the noise of my Vexilar tends to spook them. Turn it off and the bite comes back on.


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