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does anyone know the best time to fish burbot at night and what methods to use

Eel pout or Ling as you call it are refered to as Cusk up here in Maine. I enjoy fishing for Cusk at night so here are a few of my tips.Use a fairly large hook like a #2 or #1. It doesn't have to be a high quality hook. Fairly heavy line around 25 to 30# test, heavy sinker to get it down there fast, and the stinky-est bait you can find the better. On flags I noticed that Polar tip ups work best because strategic placement of your bait is best, and the little protrusion above the cross trip works good for fine adjustments.
        Any time of night is good but I've noticed that early evening to midnight seems to be the best.
        Water depths ranging from 12 to 30 feet are good but I've caught some in as little as 6 feet and as much as 80 feet deep. Place a sizeable piece of bait ( say bigger than your thumb) on the hook and place 3 to 9 inches from the bottom, placement is important.
         I've used smelt that have gone through several freeze thaw cycles to make them nice and juicy, to hot dogs, to supermarket "fish for chowder" you will have to experiment. You will be suprised to see what these things eat, they don't seem to be really fussy.
Fishing them in the shack is pretty neat also.If you have anymore questions, E- mail me and I'll give you some more insight. Good Luck. :'( :D

I fish burbot up here in fairbanks, and am quickly becoming the expert (not too much info for them up here or anywhere) but i love to fish for them and have learned alot.  I catch most of my burbot form dark to about 11 pm so go earlier in the night time.  I jig for them and have nearly exclusively jigged for them with an exception of 3 i caught on tipups (too much hassle 8)).  I use big jigs and glow in the dark softbaits tipped with whitefish (the bigger the better).  I'd say jig heads about 1-4 oz and 8-12 inch softbaits.  I jig rapidly, you will be suprized at how aggresive they are, we have had butbot that are maybe 18 inches long take the 4oz 10 inch baits.  But the average size we get is about 5-6 pounds depending on the size bait we use.  Sorry gunguru, i have to disagree with the bait,  I have found in nearly every predatory fish that fresh bait works the best.  The fresher the better, and the oillier the better.  Fresh oily fish draws the greatest attention and more agressive hits.  Just so you know i know what i'm talking about, I have caught 54 burbot since ice up this year, the biggest being 14.5 pounds.  Haven't got skunked for them this year either.

thanks for the information gunguru and fishermanjake. i just recently bought some glow jig for this reason. i will be sure to report my luck on this upcoming weekend. thanks

Go with glow.  And . . .  let your jig hit the bottom, even let it sit on bottom for a few seconds.  And don't lift it more than 2 feet, usually no more than 6 inches.
(unless of course you see something higher up on the flasher and want to catch it to see what it is, but if it's more than 2 feet up it's probably not a ling)
 Ling are the only fish that I consistently fish closer to the bottom than walleyes.


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