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Ice Gido:
Hello everyone.  Checking to see if are any active ice fishers in Northwest BC.   ??? Seems all the forums are to the east.  It would be nice to hear from someone closer.  I've been practicing most of my hardwater tactics in the Hazelton, Meziadin and Terrace areas.

Anyone out there?

Josephs Prairie:
Sorry I am from the Southeast corner of BC.

Used to treeplant in your neck of the woods Ice Gido. I'm 4hrs east of Terrace at Cluculz lake. I fish as far west as Fraser lake. In summer I head up the Babine river for some salmon fishing. Ice fishing is unfortunately not that popular in northern BC. Nice though as lots of times my lakes only have me and a buddy on. Good luck this year and let me know if you venture up my way. ;D

Ice Gido:
Nice to hear from you Terrygonefishing, I was beginning to wonder if I was alone out here.  Have passed by Cluculz Lake many times on my way East or South -- have entertained the idea of checking it out, but we are always on our way somewhere else.  

When ice fishing we try to stay within a couple of hours from home, so Smithers has been our limit to the East.  However, one of my fishing buddies and I were thinking of taking the plunge (no pun intended) and heading to Babine Lake or Fraser Lake to see if we could get some Burbot  :-\ -- get to try a new area and neither of us has ever fished for burbot. Can you offer any words of wisdom on the lakes and/or Burbot.

Living out here I also enjoy  ;D salmon fishing.  Again the 2 hour rule applies and we concentrate mainly on the Skeena and take the odd trip to the Kalum, Lakelse, Nass, Tseax and Kitimat rivers.

Tight lines.

Check out the eelpout link (burbot) Lots of good info there. Was talking with conservation officer re burbot in Fraser lake and he was telling me that a 15lber was caught the last day he checked there. I like the 5-10lbers. If looking for a good spot out your way, call up local C.O.s they are a wealth of info. Any big lake usually holds them and they love the cold H2o. Good luck. ;)


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