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The regional board does not have a place for replying ??? The state boards are listed in the directory as child boards. Are the new boards, categorized by state, childrens' boards or made for general entry? 

I assumed they were for state entries...I've ;earned this, if we're not supposed to do it, they'll tell us. I just thought it was pretty good that they further sub-dividedthe west into individual states...for just such as this.

ex LT, I agree about the state boards...a good thing. However, I wanted to post on conditions of the Laramie Plains Lakes on a previous thread. There is no way to do this that I can see. I like the idea of the regional board also. Oh well. :-\

Yea these boards are ours for the [email protected]@ :tipup:

Yeeee-haw, got my VXR, my flipover shack, iceshanty hoodie, bumper sticker and flag...  :clap:  hmmmmm all we need now is a lil ice over here!
                                      ex-Lt  :callcops:


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