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We've been saying for the past couple years that we haven't seen any eels in a while, we don't have cusk in our pond but used to have 3ft eels, the past week instead of a nice trout at dark we've had a pile of eels on the line instead, anybody else notice an increase on eels this season, little strange but at least it's something :tipup:

Fish Wayniac:
I have never caught them ice fishing. I only caught a few over the years with hook and line . I did accidentally catch one in my bait trap. It ate all of my shiners. Doh!

When I was a kid I remember catching big ones.  They were delicious! 

We used to catch a pile of them, never tried eating them though, probably never will  :sick: :sick:

Bourbon and Bass:

--- Quote from: icetwandrer on Mar 09, 2022, 07:16 AM ---We used to catch a pile of them, never tried eating them though, probably never will  :sick: :sick:

--- End quote ---
Eel sushi (unakyu, but usually you'll see it called Unagi, which is actually just the Japanese word for freshwater eel) is great. It's not a raw preparation, as raw eel blood is downright toxic depending on the species, the eel meat is grilled or broiled after having  been covered and basted with a soy based almost barbeque sauce (like when you grill ribs instead of smoking them). You can also prepare it the same way and serve larger amounts over rice bowls (unagidon). It is hard to cook perfectly though in that manner (can become tough or not tasty if it goes over, potentially toxic if under), so a youtube video or other instructional method would be best to follow.

Or, just go try it first at the closest decent sushi place before you embark on that journey (it actually doesn't matter if its a cheap or mid priced sushi place, they usually only use pre-prepared unagi, due to it being more difficult to cook than other cooked sushi proteins, and it still tastes really good)


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