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No this isn't about ice safety; there will be many threads on that. ;)
Despite a recent hospitalization and medical issues, yesterday was my last chance to go ice fishing. (hopefully not forever) My doctor had told be to take it easy and avoid heavy lifting. Specifically she answered my request to go fishing with: "Listen to your body."  ::) So......was lucky enough to have a friend meet me at the lake despite the two hour drive. Beat the crap out of me but gave me some fond memories for upcoming trying times. 11" of ice on a private Pond near Mt. Pocono
Nice midday bite; always a blessing.
My soldiers; it was a minnow bite, mostly

Book ends caught minutes apart

18", and got my jig back; no bloodshed

Take home; smallest gill is 8"

Fred. Ya forget to drop my fillets off at my house on the way home  ;)

Nice job VC.

Glad you got out on the ice! I can relate................ had a medical issue several years ago and know how important it was to get back out doing the things we love!  @)

Good luck and hope the times ahead are not too trying for you! 🙏

Very nice! Looks like a fun day out for you👍


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