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I was at Upper Woods on Saturday and could not believe the number of guys still using gas augers!  :o

I counted no less than 5 guys using the old dinosaurs! First time in the last 10 years that us electric auger guys were outnumbered.

I was just shocked to see so many going “old school!”

Some folks are more focused on catching the fish than what latest gear is used to drill the hole.  ::)

Personally I love the screaming of my gas powered 2 stroke and everyone else's on some hard water. Nothing beats the smell either.

fatty crusher:
I miss the ole one armed bandit, the exhaust echoing through the trees and valleys. I'm waiting to see beefed up diesel augers, just clouds of black smoke marking freshly drilled holes.

I wanna have a nitro methane auger with an expansion chamber on my mid 70's Yamaha dirt bikes.  ;D


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