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Lithium vs Lead Acid

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So I started having problems with my Marcum on Saturday. I think itís my battery(lead acid)

Just wondered how many guys have switched from lead acid to Lithium and do you think itís worth it?

Iím not concerned with weight. Iím more interested in battery life and performance.

Damn near double the run time between charges.


 Hey Rutt I changed over to lithium at least double run time like the Dr said and 1/2 the weight

Waaaaaaaaaaaay better, in every type of battery.

Scranton Joe:
I made the switch several years ago from lead acid to lithium. 

It's a no brainer, especially since they are slightly cheaper than they were years ago.

Or pick up a marcum lithium shuttle.  You can probably get four trips before recharging.


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