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The Mid winter LULL

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Every report I’ve seen from all around the state, on all different bodies of water has been the same…SLOW.

Falling berometer getting us all? Something else? What says you?

I do believe the falling and rising barometer does affect the fish. We'll be heading back up your way on Thursday during a rising pressure, so let's hope whatever it is the fish do a 180 and bite every thing I put down. I'll let you know where we end up and maybe we'll see you out there.

I have seen a few mid winter lulls but I do not think it is because of the weather or anything I just do not move around much as while I had a bad day out on the lake another guy said the lake was on fire and caught lots of walleye. Just think it might be the location and where the fish are active or not, at least on the boat if I am not catching here I pick up and move, not as easy while ice fishing with the wife and kids hate picking up 12 to 24 lines and then move and try and set up again. But will see how boysen treats me this weekend hopefully and try a spot to see if fish are active or not.

I have had the same experience this season (with the exception of a few stellar hours on 2 trips to Boysen).  I am not a huge believer in the high/low pressure theories.  I have had too many stellar days when it is supposed to be bad fishing, and the opposite when it is supposed to be good.  But I do believe the constantly sunny, high pressure and unchanging conditions we have had most of January are affecting the bite.  Moving a ton and changing presentations has not helped, and we are marking fish, they just are not active....

I'd like to think that something affects the fish, because as it comes to anything not trout i feel like they turn on and off based on something.  Whether its the barometer, or the moon phases, or any other reason idk.  I do have buddies that can still keep catching walleye during these slow times while I just watch them watch my offering and swim away...but they still have to work hard for a few fish too. 


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