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Hey everyone, first time posting in Wisconsin. I am from Western NY and an avid ice fisherman. I am in Wisconsin for a farming conference in La Crosse, and flying out of Madison, WI. Willing to meet at the spot. I would love to ice fish in Wisconsin while I have sunday off 2/27. I will buy a license and pay for the bait. Just want to tag along and spend the day off fishing. I usually tip up fish and jig the holes throughout the day is my strategy. Tried contacting guides that are completely booked up. I am 30 years old, married, and work for an organic vegetable seed company. I also run a small farm. Also, a lifetime packers fan, COME ON SPECIAL TEAMS! Insta is organic.dan

COVID- Obviously covid is weird. I am completely masked in the conference and while traveling. I am vaccinated and had covid in December with naturally immunity. I am willing to wear a face covering while around each other. Not trying to get into politics either. Again, just trying to ice fish in one of the best ice fishing states in the world. Thanks for your time, tight lines.


Old Goat:

  hey i saw a post that said you may need a hard copy of license on boundry water may want to check this out hope someone up near lacrosse will help you out it does seem to be a great spot from pic posted on here

Old Goat:

  Come on man can't someone out there get this guy out near the airport lights place in LaCrosse

Did you ever figure anything out?  I'll be walleye fishing across the river from La Crosse in the AM for the morning bite.  I'll most likely be out there reaaaaly early but the best time to be there is about an hour before to an hour after sunrise.  Then I'll be heading home for sleep by about 9AM.  If you wanna come out for a couple hours send me a PM.  I don't have much in the way of extra gear as I'm usually a one man show but I've got a couple of my old fish finders and stuff sitting around I can bring with.


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