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A couple weeks of slow fishing and aggravation

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Been trying to land a good lake trout through the ice this year, pretty much like every other year, and haven’t yet put it together. My family, some friends, and I traveled to Boysen to try and scratch that perch itch and my dad is the only one who caught anything bigger than about 4”, except for massntrash’s beauty of a rainbow. I don’t go to Boysen to catch trout, but the quality of them in Boysen is awesome! Here’s some pics, and like always a video at the end!

Another fun watch! Sometimes the quiet is enough for me plus the sunrises and sunsets remind me that a higher power is calling the shots.

Great video! It's been slower on the southwest part of the state too. We've caught fish, but no lights out days yet. A lot of hard work for a few fish here and there. Ice fishing season is really good for my health because I get into shape when the fishing is bad drilling so many holes and pulling heavy gear hours and hours over the lake with an addicted mindset that hates to give up :-)

I still enjoyed the video despite the slow fishing. Video really doesn't depict how bad it really was until the end when you threw your rod lol. I had to tell myself to enjoy it while I was out there too. A couple largies sure improved my mood on Sunday before I bailed.

I agree with you Scott. I had to laugh (later) about the full concept of my grandma texting me a prayer, me telling her and the camera how great of a forging prayer that was, and then the sequence of events that followed…as well as the events before.

Waterlike, yep I agree with you. It’s been tough sledding! I’m glad you enjoyed the video!

Ryan, I couldn’t completely bore the people hahaha! I completely deleted day 2 after editing a bit of it. It was just terrible. Boysen may scare me away for a while.


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