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Any fishable ice in Baraga?

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Just came up to chassell from baraga and itís tough to see when itís dark out but it looks like the ice by assinnins is gone. A few lights on in the smelt city though

Anyone been having success on smelt and burbot lately?

Anyone succesfully use a bobber/deadstick for whitefish? I was thinking of doing a jigging rap then putting some wax worms on a slip bobber in a second hole. I'm thinking you'll need to be watching it like a hawk and setting the hook right away and maybe that'll work ?

Last time I was out they didnít hit anything although I marked them

Anyone willing to share potential spots on Keweenaw Bay for burbot? Hoping to go out with some friends and see what we can catch tomorrow evening if the ice is still looking OK after all this weather. Any tips/leads greatly appreciated.


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