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DeWalt 20v Max and K-Drill

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I gave my new DeWalt 20 v Max and K-Drill the first real try last weekend.  I had two, fully charged, nearly new 5 AH batteries with me and there was about 8 inches of hard, clear ice.  It augered through the ice very fast.  I got 8 holes with the 1st battery and the second battery died completely after 2 holes.  That's 64 inches with the first battery and 16 with the second.  Considering the fact that we're typically (not this year maybe) looking at well over 12 inches of ice or more, that wouldn't get me very far. I'm not impressed.

What experience have you had with these?

Hunt n Fish:
I just purchased a Dewalt XR drill model DCD 998. I’ve been using an 8ah battery on an 8” Eskimo hand auger with an adapter.  I haven’t used it a ton but I drilled about 25 holes through 8”-10” ice one day and still had 3 bars. Another day I drilled around probably 40 or 50 holes in an average of maybe 5” and had 2 bars left.

Not the same battery or auger as yours but I would think you should get more with your setup.

Seems kinda pointless to go the drill route anymore with the strikemaster 24v and 40v. By the time you buy the drill/auger combo you’d save money getting the 24v. Only difference would be that you could use the drill for other things in the off season.
I have the 40v and I am extremely happy with it.

I run a Dewalt 20 v max , 5 amp batteries with mora auger. I can get 25 to 30 holes. My guess is your batteries are old or something. I carry 6 5 amps with me also trying to keep the warm helps a lot. I carry one in my coat the others in a bag off the ice

I've heard kdrill makes drills work much harder than other auger attachments because it's a chipper blade. Therefore more battery use per hole with kdrill


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