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Nisus Ice Auger Cordless Drill Bit Fisherman Bundle Set

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Just received 5 prize packs from Nisus to giveaway in the coming weeks.  :tipup:

Ice Auger Cordless Drill Bit Fisherman Bundle Set - Chisel, Adapter, Tackle Box and more
This bundle set was designed and built by professional ice anglers and tested in the harsh conditions of Siberian winters to provide the best ice fishing experience for ice fishermen in all environments.  The included ice auger drill bit is engineered with a heavy-duty cutting head that will make cutting multiple holes a breeze using the included drill adapter and your favorite cordless drill.  The included ice chisel is the perfect ice spud bar for reopening holes in your ice shelter, punching through early ice or chipping away ice on your driveway. Its adjustable design makes this chisel the perfect ice safety tool when looking for thin ice. Forged carbon steel frame, ergonomically designed genuine wood grips and engineered step-form blades, make the included ice chisel an extremely tough and efficient addition to your ice fishing tool arsenal. The included ice fishing tackle seat box offers a well-designed system to carry your ice fishing tackle and as a bonus, it can be used as an ice fishing seat. Designed, made and tested in Siberia by professional ice anglers.

GREAT VALUE: This bundle set offers excellent value and includes everything an ice fisherman needs to stay on the bite.  It includes 17 items: 1pc ice auger drill bit, 1 pc drill adapter with handle, 1 pc 3-section ice chisel, 10 pc Rigged Tip-up Set, 2 pc Replacement blades, and 1 pc 19L fishing tackle seat box.  (CORDLESS DRILL NOT INCLUDED)

How TO WIN you ask?
Similar to other giveaways, I'll put a Nisus giveaway post on the General ice fishing board and the post will be live for 7 days or so. Simply reply to the post and upload one of your ice fishing pictures from this season using "Add image to post" then wait for the drawing of the lucky winner and if and when you win post another picture of your winning loot when you get it. Simple as that!

Round 2

1 day left to enter round 3. Get to it!

Drawing the winner today at 12 noon cst. Get your pic post in now!

Round 4 of 5


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