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I just wanted to stop by and say hello to the good people on ice shanty as well as ice friends past and future.

They dropped the water levels early this year (unlike last year when they waited until we had ice to drop the water level).  It now appears to be at winter pool.  Water temp was at 36 degrees in the middle of Muddy Creek, so if we get some reasonable winter temperatures soon, we should start making ice.  Pray for safe ice and I hope to see you guys out there this year.

Jaeger80 good to hear from you again sir hope this past year treated you and yours well.  I'm sure we'll be hunting for some ice around the same times and places hope to run into you again out there soon!  Always appreciate your information!

You too brother! 

howdy J80 how far down is the water? pics? hope to get out soon, north park and marshall lake both skimmed in places as well as arthur .

Mo, good to hear from you.  I don't have any pics but I'd say she's down about 18"-24".  Lots of shoreline showing and the concrete launch platforms are waaayyy out of the water now.  Good time to walk around and look for snagged lures...


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