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New Ice Shack


Just ordered a new 7x8 ice shack from a company in North Battleford, SK picking it up first week of December. Been fishing out of a flip over for the past few years but the wife wants to start coming again and she can't seem to keep warm in there. Had a stroke a few years back and has some circulation issues.  Can't wait to start rigging it and get fishin'

Very nice...
Should be very warm and cozy.....   :thumbsup:

Whopper Stopper:
Looks awesome! :thumbsup:


Looks like it fits nicely in the back of your truck.  Is there a winch or something that allows you to remove and reoad it back onto the truck? 

Looks like something I could also use.


Going to be moving it with a trailer actually which I have a winch on. Got 10' skis put on instead of 8's so I have a foot out from the shack front and back to rig easier for pulling on and off. Truck model was lighter (and cheaper) so went with that model.


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