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First Trips 21/22


Walks on Water:
Got up to Chain a couple times this week, once solo early in the week and again with SNAP and another friend yesterday.

There is ~5 inches of ice where we were, and we felt safe. I did spud my way out both times.

Fishing was decent. I got tigers both trips, and everyone caught fish yesterday, including a few good rainbows. No browns seen. There were a lot more lookers than biters, and plenty of missed hook-sets(and maybe a cuss word or two ;) ).

Quite a few others showed up for a while and left. Not sure if their arms got tired from hauling fish up, or action was slow, but I'm thinking option 2. People I talked to who stuck around were having similar days to us, decent but you had to work for it.

I'm probably done with Chain now for the season. Got my tiger fix and now it's time to get into some walleye and maybe find a burb or two.

Good luck and be safe out there.

Thanks for the report WW, I am still chasing my first tiger. We were at chain on the 26th , saw nothing on the camera from 10-2 pm...started in 14 fot and then moved to 8 fot and still no action. Not sure why as we usually do ok and view lots of activity on the camera. We are normally within 50-200 feet from shore a little north of the boat launch. small shrimp pieces have usually done well there. any tips you want to share are welcome but realizing this a public forum. Havn't figure out the pming on this site yet. Confirmed 5 inches of safe ice however with the temps forecasted for the rest of this week it may get worse. thanks

Walks on Water:
Hey DK.
I was there from dawn till dusk both times. Monday the sun was just up when I got there and I didn't catch anything till almost 3. Saturday I was there before sunup and had two very quickly in the low light and then nothing more landed until late afternoon.

They call those times the Magic Hours for a reason. That's my best suggestion to offer.

Oh, and if you get into a good one, stick your rod down the hole to fight them. I lost a few Monday when the line cut into the ice, before I figured it out.

You lost a few? what size line are you using.

Walks on Water:
Yup, I lost a few. You'd figure after being at it for over 50 years I'd be perfect at this, but nope, some get away.

I was just making a report, not looking for help, thanks anyway flyer.


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