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hardwater diehard:
An Eskimo Sierra Thermal ..early February . My buddy liked mine so much he ended buying an insulated Eskimo 2600 off Amazon Warehouse

My review with some mods/add on

 2 things I purchased this year that Im extremely glad I have 1 is an Eskimo wide 1 , best flip in the wind Ive ever owned and iron decoy spoons , the drift factor is awesome 👍

fatty crusher:
Live scope is the best video game out there. Shallow water it isn't very effective for locating fish but the fun factor is up there. I wouldn't let go of the flasher or last screen you used as they are nice for being quick/ mobile/ light weight. I paired mine with 2 10ah lithium batteries and the system is something to lug around. Congrats

Yup, keeping the vex for now. Got the graph at spring sale, and ducer can wait until Black Friday. Spread the pain, ha.

I was looking at the sierra wide 1 but I am not sure if I can pack light enough. Hows the sled storage? Looks a bit limited in the vids.

got a deal on an ion ice auger from up north . hope it works as well as its advertised to .


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