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First outing of 2020/21 season

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Hit a local pond for a couple hours after scouting some ice this morning. My expectations were pretty low, since it's generally not a very productive spot, but that's where the only real fishable ice was. I only ended up with a few dink gills, but it still beat a morning at work.

Nice hoping to get out soon myself

I went out again for a bit this at first light this morning, but it started raining so hard there was water standing on the ice by like 730, and my fish house was a solid shell of ice and I was getting dripped on, so I got out of there around 8am.

Where in Illinois are you?

Iroquois County.

Ice is probably shot now. It had a lot of water standing on it by 8am. You can see how wet it was here, and this was just after 7 this morning.


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