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Tied up some squirmy worms but haven't had a chance to try them yet. Anyone have any luck with them.

nope but id tie it on.

Nice work eyeflyer, those look pretty good. I've seen them called a san juan worm, usually red w/ or w/out brass bead, but I've seen pink and white san juans too. Used as a dropper for fly fishing trout on rivers here in MT when fish are picky or water clarity is an issue. I keep some nymph patterns in the ice kit too. Tie on as dropper off a small jig or spoon. It seems to work sometimes when nothing else will.  Look into scuds and sowbugs if you haven't yet, also effect and easy to tie. I'll have to try out a squirmy san juan worm next time I'm out. I'll get back to you with the results.

Tried them last winter and this summer under an indicator. Got a few small fish in the winter, and same in the summer, definitely not a game changer for me. Tried them in a few different presentations summer and winter.

Your worms look good man. (TWSS)

They work well, but the durability is what suffers. When I tie some up I usually whip up about a dozen of each color real quick and dont take much time with epoxy, or beads even. Casting and catching fishing will wear the ends and will eventually break...and you'll be left with half a worm or no worm haha. My catch rate is higher with squirmies vs san juans, so I deal with the durability issues.

Edit - didn't realize this was an old resurrected thread


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