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State Park passes/ ATV for next year

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I have been trying to get mine also, the store said they have not had any input from the state at all and usually have had the passes by the first week of December.  Interesting 1 park ranger looked at my orv sticker and said nothing, another gave me static for not having a pass on my new side by side and said he does not care about orv stickers or licence plates just the passes.  When i said i could not get a new one said not his problem i would have to buy the day passes.   

As crappy as it is.  Go to thier website.   I ordered them all online.  Cost me $139. For day, camping and a orv sticker.

I ordered them.  They didn't show up before we left.   I got a printed receipt.   Not my problem if the state can't get the passes out to purchase locally.

The I got my boat registration, that went up too!

 :). Hope they put some of the funds back into the state park systems in terms of making camping, fish cleaning stations, docks, and shelter/picnic area improvements. The lake traffic is putting a demand on park resources more and more. 

Too bad the parks did not get in on the money everyone spent on the reservations that a 3rd party got all summer long. They would not need the increase in that case as that company walked to the bank laughing.

Just found out that they also discontinued the early bird special this year.


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