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--- Quote from: musclewhitefish on Feb 07, 2022, 03:06 PM ---Puzzle Floor Mats.

They are so incredibility nice, it is stupid.

Just piece them together on the floor and remove a piece where you drill your fishing hole.

--- End quote ---

If you are camping on the ice, put a blue tarp down first. Then the interlocking mats. Any ice that melts has a barrier between the ice and the mats.
A word of caution, the ice under the tarp becomes extremely slick when you break down your camp...  :tipup:

 Wyo Ice

My best advice is talk to people...ive learned so much from other fisherman.... I tend to make this an at the launch in or out kind of thing... I try not to bother anyone while they are fishing... But when i get there or in leaving i ask most everyone how they did... You can gauge their level of interaction interest and potentially further the conversation....

My best piece of equipment is my flasher.... Even an entry kevel flasher can help you catch more fish.... Example- on a particular lake i fish there is a smaller side to it.... I always thought it was basically barren of fish as i never caught fish there.... Once ingot a flasher years ago i went to see what that spot was all about come to find out gills and crappie are plentiful but they seen to suspend 10 feet of the bottom in about 30 fow and were very slow to bite only wanting a still jig or barely moving.... Weird but its been that way 4 years in a row now so it just seems thats hownthey like things to be


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