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What are you guys looking for in a lake trout rod.

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I am building ups some laker rods for a few friends and myself. Mike will double for pike.

I have some 48 inch blanks I am making my buddies rod out of, and I might be cutting mine down.

I will be sanding the blanks down to get a taper I desire. Just not sure what I desire yet.

What kind of taper you guys like in laker rods. Assuming something that can handle big head shakes. Something more of a moderate action compared to fast?

They type of fishing will mainly be jigging I am assuming.

Thanks guys.

I agree with the med-fast action.  Blank thickness would depend on the size of the lake trout you catch.  I have a lake trout rod that is 50" and I love it the only draw back is if you are fishing in a small tent, 95% of my fishing is outside.

I built a laker rod from a 36” MH blank, MF action. I guess you could say i extended it to about 38” with the handle. You have to consider where your going to be jigging. A 48” rod in a small shack would tough. I mostly jig out of portables, so the 38” rod is perfect for me!!

Most of the rod use will be outside. Both my buddies and myself all have big hubs so room won’t be an issue if they are fished inside.

same boat, making a jigging rod for big fish. Bought a 42" Carbon King from Vline. How long are you thinking about making the handle?


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